Meet the Team

Front Office

Carrie received her degree from Frontier Community College in Fairfield, IL. She says she loves her job and working in dentistry because of how awesome the patients and her co-workers are every single day. Carrie enjoys working in the medical field and helping people live a healthy life, maybe that’s why she’s been involved in health care (in some capacity) for almost three decades. If you have a question or need to schedule a cleaning, remember you can always talk to Carrie. She’s always happy to help in any way she can. When you work with Carrie, you’ll quickly see why she’s a part of our team. Carrie is friendly, motivated, detail oriented, resourceful, and confident. She’s been married since 1996, has two children, enjoys volunteering at her kids’ school, and loves spending quality time with close friends and family whenever possible.

Certified Dental Assistant

Kim is a graduate of Olney Central College with nearly 50 years of experience working in dentistry. It’s safe to say she’s seen a lot of smiles over the years. Kim has been a part of our dental family since 2014 working as a chairside assistant, helping out with sterilization of dental instruments, taking x-rays, and completing lab work. Kim’s role as a dental assistant brings her joy because she can help people feel better about themselves through improved dental health needs. Kim loves working at Comprehensive Dental Care of Mt. Carmel because of the wide variety of advanced dental treatments and techniques offered to all patients. Kim is proud of her career choice, and she’s enjoyed meeting and working with several great co-workers over the years, some of whom she still speaks with despite being miles apart. Kim is usually spending time with family when she’s not at work. Kim also loves volunteering. She’s involved with a quilting group at church who makes lap quilts for chemotherapy patients, and she goes on mission trips to countries around the world promoting good oral health.

Dental Hygienist

Carolyn has been working in dentistry since 1972 after graduating from Lakeland College. Ask Carolyn how she spends her days in the office, and she’ll tell you she’s always busy delivering the best dental care possible to each of her patients. She loves being able to have a profound, personal effect on someone’s health and welfare. Over the years, Carolyn has really come to love working as a dental hygienist because of the one-on-one, personal relationships she’s developed with patients. She says it makes the work she does so very satisfying. If you work with Carolyn, you’ll find she’s experienced, focused, jovial, compassionate, and a walking encyclopedia. We asked Carolyn what she would do if she weren’t a dental hygienist. Her response? Retired. Outside of the office, Carolyn enjoys quality time with family, going to church, and woodworking.

Front Office/Dental Assistant

Amanda holds degrees from both Wabash Valley College and Oakland City University. Amanda says she never dreamed she would be a part of the dental world, but she’s excited to have chosen a career in dentistry and to be part of such a dedicated team. If she wasn’t helping out at Comprehensive Dental Care of Mt. Carmel for a living, Amanda says she’d probably travel and join a roller derby team. Amanda is reliable, organized, encouraging, enthusiastic, and honest. She’s also compassionate with patients, using her 16 years of experience working in social services to really take care of our patients. Amanda is happily married with four children and one grandson. She’s treasurer for the Red Hill High School dance team. When she’s got some free time, you might see Amanda enjoying her favorite music, being with her family, camping, riding motorcycles, and reading.

Dental Assistant

Teresa has been working in dentistry since 1996 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her important role as a dental assistant. On any given day at the office, you might find Teresa assisting Dr. Miller chairside, cleaning and setting up the treatment room, sterilizing instruments, and ordering supplies. Over the years, Teresa has helped so many patients and their smiles become more healthy and happy while being part of the Comprehensive Dental Care of Mt. Carmel team. She’s dedicated to her craft, organized, understanding, and compassionate about the well-being of our patients. When she’s not working, Teresa is spending time with family, walking with friends, and taking care of her dog.

Dental Hygienist

Bonnie graduated from John A. Logan College where she was a volleyball student-athlete. She’s been taking care of smiles at Comprehensive Dental Care of Mt. Carmel since 2004. Bonnie will tell you that one of the best things about being a dental hygienist and taking care of teeth is being able to educate patients to help them meet their dental goals. Bonnie says both she and her entire team of coworkers make every visit pleasant for every patient, taking care of both their oral and overall health. She also loves seeing all of the families that come to the office. One week Bonnie may treat a grandfather, only to see his grandchild in the same seat next week for a cleaning. Bonnie is caring, loyal, energetic, friendly, and hard-working. Bonnie enjoys coaching her kid’s sports, boating, and water skiing. She’s also on the St. Mary’s School school board, loves cooking, completing creative projects, and doing DIY crafts with her kids.

Registered Dental Hygienist

Margaret is a graduate of Lakeland College and has been working in dentistry for over 40 years. She’s been with our office since 2014 as a registered dental hygienist. Margaret loves working with new patients, introducing them to the office, and getting to know their smile goals. Margaret chose to pursue a career in dentistry after her childhood dentist suggest she give it a try. She found it was a good fit because of being able to work so closely with patients. If she had gone down another career path, Margaret says she’s probably be working in a flower shop or a greenhouse. Margaret is a quiet person with a big heart who truly cares for her patients. Margaret enjoys spending time with her husband, sons, and five grandchildren when she’s not working. She also likes reading new books, gardening, and completing sewing projects.

Dental Hygienist

Jamie attended Southern Illinois University – Carbondale and Northwestern University in Chicago. Jamie has been working in the dental field since 1986, so it’s safe to say she’s fulfilled her career goal of wanting to help people take good care of their teeth. Jamie loves being part of our team because of everyone’s focus and dedication to giving every person the best patient experience possible every time they visit our office. Jamie says she really enjoys the work she does as a hygienist and seeing her patients feel healthy and confident is a genuine reward. Jamie is outgoing, goofy, fun, and a self-proclaimed junk food lover who always has a big smile. She’s married to a pharmacist, with a stepdaughter who’s also on her way to becoming a dental hygienist. Jamie likes gardening, hanging out with her husband, seeing family and friends, and traveling.

Dental Hygienist

Kenzie is a graduate of John A. Logan College who’s been working in dentistry since 2014. Kenzie takes care of teeth all day, helping patients of all ages have healthy smiles. She loves being a dental hygienist because it allows her to serve the people she knows and loves in her hometown community. If she had not chosen a career in dentistry, Kenzie says she’d probably travel and visit with her family. Kenzie is energetic, lighthearted, active, easygoing, and outgoing. She loves working at Comprehensive Dental Care of Mt. Carmel because everyone on the team brings a unique talent and personality to the table. She also likes the flexibility she has in her schedule. Kenzie is a mom of two kids and enjoys playing with them and watching them grow when she’s not at work. She also likes walking, running, and being outside in the country.

Dental Assistant

Janet has nearly two decades of dental experience and a degree from the Excel School of Dental Assisting. She’s been assisting our doctors with various procedures and treatments since 2015. Janet previously worked in a factory, until the day she decided she wanted a more rewarding career. Lucky for us she chose to pursue dentistry. Janet loves what she does because it allows her some flexibility in her work schedule and, more importantly, she’s able to help our patients reach their dental goals. If she had decided on a different career path, Janet says she probably would own a greenhouse or a bakery. When you meet Janet, you’ll find that she’s personable, efficient, dependable, punctual, and detail-oriented. She stays busy outside of the office taking care of her grandson, traveling, and gardening.

Dental Assistant

JoAnne has been a part of the Comprehensive Dental Care of Mt. Carmel team since 1999. She likes working closely with the doctors and team to fix smiles and help patients live better healthier lives. Her favorite part of being a dental assistant is seeing the final results after someone completes a life-changing smile transformation. She says her co-workers make coming to work a positive experience and it translates to how everyone cares for our family of patients. JoAnne is crafty, cheerful, loyal, strong-willed, punctual, and organized. When she’s not helping out at the office, you’ll probably find JoAnne spending quality time with friends and family.