Preventive Services
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Preventive Services

The Tri-State Area’s Single Stop for Healthy Mouths

Preventive dentistry can help stop little issues from turning into bigger, more costly problems. If caught early, many dental concerns can be treated quickly and easily, improving the overall health of your mouth and general well-being.

At Comprehensive Dental Care of Mt. Carmel, our goal is to provide each one of our patients with preventive dental services to meet their individual needs so we can keep Mt. Carmel’s smiles healthy. We offer a variety of preventive dental services including:

From comprehensive exams which include oral cancer screenings and digital x-rays, to regular cleanings with our skilled hygienists, we employ modern technology to deliver amazing results. We use:

    • Velscope oral cancer assessment

    • Diagnodent dental caries detector

    • Cavitron magnetostrictive scaler

    • Intraoral cameras

    • Computerized treatment rooms

    • Soft-tissue lasers

    • Panoramic and digital x-rays

Technology helps us to diagnose and treat any issues effectively and quickly. By taking a proactive approach to dental care, we eliminate the need for future work and expensive care. We help set you on a path to lifelong oral health with daily habits and routine maintenance. After a consultation with our dentists, you’ll have a better understanding of how to care for your mouth and what you can do to ensure your health for years to come.


Eliminate minor problems before they escalate with preventive care!

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