Porcelain Crowns
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Porcelain Crowns

Secret Strength for Teeth in Southeastern Illinois

Whether your tooth is broken, chipped, or worn out, or you’ve had significant decay that compromised its structural integrity, a dental crown can repair your tooth to a healthy state.


Dental crowns are custom coverings, also known as a “cap” that fits over the damaged tooth. Crafted from the finest porcelain, our crowns are high-quality and durable restorations. We match the shape, size, and color of your tooth to create a virtually undetectable repair.


Dental crowns are excellent for patients who have had a large filling or root canal therapy, or have an irreparable fractured filling, as they help to strengthen and support the natural enamel.


Getting fitted for a crown is fairly simple, and can take as little as two appointments, depending on your case. Impressions of your tooth are taken during the first visit, so we can create a custom mold for your restoration and guarantee your crown blends with your natural teeth.


We shape your tooth and remove any lingering damage or decay in preparation for the new crown. While it’s being fabricated in a dental lab, we’ll align your bite and ensure proper placement with a temporary crown.


Once the permanent crown is fitted and bonded into place, you’ll be ready to smile! You’ll have full functionality of your mouth and your bite will feel natural. Throughout the entire process, we’ll keep you comfortable and relaxed.


Dental crowns from Comprehensive Dental Care of Mt. Carmel are affordable and durable, and are a great option for patients with broken, cracked teeth, large decay or fillings, or have received endodontic therapy. Healthier, stronger teeth await!


Protect your teeth and restore strength and stability with porcelain crowns!

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