Full-Mouth Rehab
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Full-Mouth Rehab

A Makeover for Mt. Carmel Smiles

Sometimes, you just have to go all out. The same is true when it comes to assessing your overall oral health. After an evaluation of your dental needs, we may recommend full-mouth rehab, but you don’t have to worry. The concept of having your entire mouth worked on can be overwhelming, but rest assured that we will keep you completely comfortable throughout the entire process. We’ll explain every step of this transformative technique to ensure you’re thoroughly informed and we are always ready to address any questions you may have.


Reasons for Full-Mouth Rehab:


There are many reasons why we may recommend a full-mouth reconstruction to a patient, including:


  • Severe decay or trauma to the teeth

  • Significant tooth loss as a result of decay/trauma

  • Fractured or injured teeth

  • Worn teeth that are sensitive and uncomfortable

  • Muscle and jaw pain, including headaches from grinding or clenching


Regardless of the reasons behind a full-mouth reconstruction, we’ll evaluate your individual needs and create a plan to deliver the best results. We generally include cosmetic and restorative dentistry services, such as crowns, bridges, veneers, and even whitening, in our full-mouth reconstructions. Depending on your situation, we can even customize our treatment plan to include periodontal therapy, should your gums require attention.


Full-mouth rehab involves carefully examining each tooth individually, and addressing issues in the aesthetics, including the size, shape, and color of the teeth, as well as, ensuring the health of gums and other soft tissues. We’ll also check your jaw occlusion, or alignment, and ensure your bite and jaw muscles are functioning correctly.


A full overhaul can deliver a completely new smile. If you want to dive in and revamp your smile, do it with the people you trust at Comprehensive Dental Care of Mt. Carmel. We’ll keep you healthy, happy, and comfortable.


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