Children's Dentistry
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Children’s Dentistry

Gentle Care and Healthy Habits for Tri-State Children

Great oral health starts at an early age. Children’s dentistry from Comprehensive Dental Care of Mt. Carmel sets your child on the right path to a lifetime of healthy dental habits. We recommend scheduling your child’s first appoint before their 3rd birthday, and in cases of emergency, we’re prepared to see children as young as 6-12 months.


Our doctors love to teach kids how to care for their teeth, while providing gentle dental care that helps establish a great relationship with the dentist as early as possible. Dr. Elisa Perez is our specialized pediatric dentist, and is trained in children’s sedation and monitoring. No matter which dentist takes care of your child, you can rest assured he/she are always in good hands.


We provide fluoride treatments to children at every visit, to help restore vitamins and minerals to their developing teeth. We also believe in early intervention, which pre-empts any orthodontic issues that may affect their adult teeth.


Children should love visiting the dentist. At our office, they will. We make dentistry fun, and take extra care to dispel any nervousness or worry kids might have about treatments. We take our time with each child, and explain what we are doing in a friendly and easy to understand manner that kids appreciate.


Give your children an early start to great oral health with the skilled dentists and friendly team at Comprehensive Dental Care of Mt. Carmel. We bring out the best in Southeastern Illinois, from the very first smile!


Get your children started early on the path to great oral health.

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